Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So far you only know Panda and Penguin from the zoo and wonder why your company cannot be found in the search engine first pages? Are you frustrated that you need to spend on your products and services through Google Adwords? Now is the time to address the subject of search engine optimization professionally. We at Design Planet also like zoos and also know Panda and Pinguin – from our daily life, but also in connection with the world of websites, which do not meet the quality guidelines of Google. The result is that an internet site loses many ranks in the search engine positioning. The basic principle for your business success is as simple as this: the better you are listed with your company in the relevant search terms, the more prospective buyers visit your website – without having to switch to cost-intensive Adwords advertising!

Optimization strictly according to the Hummingbird algorithm. We at Design Planet create websites that achieve a better ranking in Google and other search engines. In order to achieve good positions with the search engine market leader Google, strict adherence to the quality guidelines of Google is necessary. Naturally, we are strictly adhering to the “Hummingbird” search engine algorithm introduced by Google for our SEO activities. More than ever before, the text with its keywords is in the forefront. The keyword here is unique content (ie text content exclusively created for your company), which is picked up in a balanced relationship with the relevant search engine keywords.

What we offer

Analysis of your website with regard to on-page optimization

Development of a concept for search engine optimization for your company

Creation of long-term usable keyword lists

Implementation of off-page optimization by specifically selected measures

It goes without saying that we provide you with tools to help you understand the progress and success of our work.