Advertising, which becomes a true experience and attracts the attention of more customers – this is what every business owner should want! We, at Design Planet, work with compelling and fascinating design elements and can help you make this desire real. We are talking about multimedia elements for your website that are realized with Flash. The Flash technology is used to create moving images, which can then be processed further in video clips. Thanks to Flash, video sequences can be produced, that would otherwise only be possible with hundred of individual images. For example, you want to produce comic elements for your website,  trick footage into video, or simply create a company slogan? We are happy to help you! Modified framework for successful image advertising: It is important to point out, that we have completely internalized the framework conditions for successful image advertising, which have been modified by the social media.

Especially since the implementation of social media, such as YouTube or Facebook, it is of great importance to draw the attention of the customers to your product by presenting it in a fun or creativity way. Creative and innovative multimedia content, which is realized with Flash, also has the great advantage of a multiplier effect. As “cute” or “cool” multimedia content likely to be shared with the viewers friends – for your company this always means free advertising!

What we offer

Consulting and conceptualisation of your project

Professional creation of 3D animations, animation films and flash design elements

Develop a strategy for positioning your multimedia elements in social media

Monitoring the success of your multimedia content in social media

Commercials or soundings for radio, television and cinema in various languages

Let us present your advertising message in a professional and creative way – we are looking forward to meeting you!

A few Examples