“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” – this legendary quote from Henry Ford shows how important targeted advertising and marketing is for the success of a company. But Henry Ford also said, “We knew half of every dollar we spent on advertising was wasted. We just didn’t know which half.”
This means for companies: the better you can estimate your advertising possibilities, the smaler the loss. Design Planet can help you! During our many years of experience in marketing, we have already developed marketing for numerous companies. Whether it’s offline or online marketing activities, our expertise ensures that your advertising is not just targeted to the specific target group, but also keeps your potential customer in mind, adjusted to your corporate identity.

What we offer

Consultancy in the design of marketing measures

Strategic conceptualization of marketing activities, including allocation between offline and online marketing

Operational offline and online marketing

Monitoring your competitors' advertising efforts

Planning and conducting marketing events

Within the scope of our activities in the area of ​​offline marketing, we can design your complete CI-adapted advertising material – starting with business cards and flyers, as well as trade fair walls, roll-ups and advertising flags. We place great emphasis on your satisfaction and always go through several design and correction phases to make sure you get a product that makes your potential customers aware and curious. We also coordinate the distribution of your advertising materials to your target group. In online marketing, on the other hand, we are concentrating on making your company or services and products known in the online world. We design, optimize and monitor online advertising, for example on Google or facebook, or ensure that your products are found online. Are you curious? Please do not hesitate to contact us!